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First off, FUCK YOU Pslam I am literate. Go back to sports betting you degenerate alcoholic.

Now, what the fuck. Honestly, what the fuck has this league started to become. This past calendar year has led to a new school mindset that is on track to ruin the game. Not only has George Parros looked like he’s been on the bottle with the ridiculous suspensions he handed out to Mike Matheson and Tom Wilson for hockey plays, but now teams are started to release jerseys that look like this:

Tampa Bay third jersey leak, reported by Icethetics

Now I know this is only a leak from Icethetics and hasn’t actually been released yet, but everything Icethetics have reported to this point lead me to believe we will see these jerseys on the ice in Florida within the near future. I don’t know what Tampa’s thought process was with this design but whoever pitched the idea needs to be fired. If they actually come out of the tunnel wearing these NWHL jerseys they should forfeit the game and go join that league, its honestly embarrassing. I want to see Stamkos pull a Chris Sale and light these things on fire.

Other than Adidas cucking all the original 6 fans by releasing those ridiculous Digital 6 jerseys for NHL 19, they have definitely improved on Reebok. I like Adidas rendition on the home and away sweaters for each team and even the third jerseys released so far have been disgusting (except the Jets trash):


Now coming back to Tampa, I don’t understand why it is so difficult to decide on a third jersey. Look in your closet, you already have one of the most disgusting jerseys released. Throw out the BOLTS design and delete any file contemplating a new template and just please, please re-create this:

By God almighty you won a cup with them, maybe you can win another instead of choking away game 6 and 7 with your Maple Leafs rip offs. It really isn’t that difficult, the entire league has to take notice. Listen to your fans, we seem to be the only ones with our heads screwed on straight. The NHL is the best league in the world and needs to dress like it. Look good, feel good, play good.

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