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Perri VS. Smith - Born to lose

Updated: Nov 25, 2018

So I've been challenged to a NFL pick em by Cody Smith. It's simple, whoever has the most straight up correct picks Thursday-Sunday wins. Winner gets a pitchy at brass, loser has to do a muff-diver.

Now you all know I am fire with the picks (35-11 since I started this.) However, Cody has his work cut out for him, because he's a habitual loser when it comes to sports. This may seem harsh, but I don't make claims lightly, and the proof is in the pudding. He is a lifetime browns fan and I truly pity him. As a Pittsburgh fan I'm not the kind of guy that will say "Pittsburgh has more super bowl's then the browns have playoff wins since you were born" since that would be punching down, and we don't do that. It is a good divisional rivalry and I respect it. If that isn't enough he's apparently also a massive LA Dodger fan even though he was born in Toronto. He had to witness Clayton Kershaw piss away two world series rings in back to back years. Just sad.

I have everything to lose and almost nothing to gain.

Anyways.... we can do the pick thing.

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