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JERZDAY - Top 10 NFL Jerseys

Good old American thanksgiving. Family, great food, all day football, degenerate sports betting and blacking out at your grandma’s house; can’t think of a better day of the year. Let’s get into the football spirit and start of the JERZDAY segment with the top 10 NFL jerseys EVER.

Before I start we need to get a few criteria sorted out:

1. Just the jersey NOT the entire uniform

2. NO colour rush jerseys

3. NO white jerseys

This top ten has put me in its back pocket, I feel lost in my own head. I made a list, checked it twice, then changed it seventeen times and honestly any one of these jerseys can be way further up the list or easily left off. There is no right decision, just my decision and that is right most of the time.


Just a quick look at the honourable mentions in case I left your favourite team off the list. Trying to keep the RAT PACK happy here.


TSSSSSSSSSSSSS KAH! Oh ya, that orange Crush looks good. Nothing too special here, simple, clean and effective, these need to make a comeback. BOOK EM IN AT TEN.

The Bills make me wanna………….. SHOUT! I don’t know if there’s a better fight song in the NFL, but there certainly are not many nicer jerseys. Nathan Peterman makes throwing interceptions look sexy wearing this jersey (RIP Nathan). Were not gonna see these things in the playoffs anytime soon so get your fix in now. BOOK EM IN AT NINE.

I had to do some research to find these bad boys. Straight from 8 mile, these jerseys are hood as fuck. I would be terrified to see Megatron and company roll out of the tunnel wearing this. BOOK EM IN AT EIGHT.

MONEY MANZIEL! These may be the only good thing to come out of Cleveland in the last decade, maybe even century. BOOK EM IN AT SEVEN.

Bolts over stripes… that’s what I like. Spitting bars lol. These things can even make Philip Rivers look quick. BOOK EM IN AT SIX.

These ones tug at my heart strings. The Steelers are an all-time team with all-time jerseys. No questions about it these need to be their full-time home and away. Look for them to make it seven this year. BOOK EM IN AT FIVE.

ASSASSINS. I’m not sure if anyone noticed but the simplicity of the jersey is a big theme throughout this list. These are fresh no if’s, and’s, or but’s about it. BOOK EM IN AT FOUR.

Starting to get a little flashy. I have no idea what dolphins have to do with teal and orange, but I am NOT complaining. BOOK EM IN AT THREE.

Ive heard that cornerbacks have only seen these jerseys from behind after getting their ankles BROKEN by Randy coming off the line. Purple and gold looks real, real good. BOOK EM IN AT TWO.

Tyreek laughing at the competition. These get me going. Similar to the Vikings and Steelers, I LOVE the gold accents. Wasn’t hard to BOOK EM IN AT ONE.

Tell me if I missed anything and let me know your thoughts on my list in the comments.

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