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From the Depths of Hell - SOTU November 28

Updated: May 21, 2020

Overall Record 17-8-0 (Last week 2-2-0) - 3rd Atlantic

The state of the union is buzzzzzing

Big time abridged version here; I have to work and I just don't have the time. Leaf's went 2-2 last week and I'm honestly quite happy with that. Gary Bettman decided to give them 10 games in 14 days, and you know what, people get tired. Ron Hainsey was looking like a 38 year old, hell, he was probably playing with a collapsed lung. We lost 5-2 to a good Carolina team. Columbus wanted revenge and they got it. To be honest, we probably saved a life by losing that game. If Torts saw another 2-0 lead blown he would have had a heart attack right on the bench.

Either way, the Leafs rebounded with a dominating 6-0 win over the Flyers in JVR's return to Toronto. Johnsson had his first career hat trick in just under 13 minutes of play. Then what happened after that? Oh yeah - we finally beat Boston. (even though David Pastrnak continues to play against us like its rookie mode on NHL19)

So, we went 2-2. In other news, Nylander's December 1st contract deadline is quickly approaching and I stay firm with my take that he'll sign a 7mil/6 year deal with the boys. We have a tough schedule coming up against San Jose, Minnesota and then that absolute wagon Buffa- Wait, What was that.

What was that sound?

Do you hear the bell's ringing?

Can you hear Steve Dangle screaming like a little girl?


WAKEY WAKEY NHL. YOU'RE IN DANGER. Matthews is back and he's coming with a vengance. With Auston and Willy back next week I say we go on a 20 game heater. My projected Lines:

Kappy- Matthews- Nylander

Hyman- JT - Marner

Johnsson - Kadri - Marleau

Brown - Lindholm - Ennis (or Leivo)

Bad time to be any other team in the NHL.

Just a reminder.

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