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Updated: May 21, 2020

There’s nothing better than a live sporting event. The action, the atmosphere, the pints; seeing star players put on an absolute show for the fans while they’re hungover. Getting a ticket off a scalper for two times its value. Having to sit next to a mother who insists its “not ok” to chew in the Rogers Center. Yeah, its absolutely epic. However, sometimes the players need to see a show too. That’s where this top 10 comes in.

This list is dedicated to either unreal traditions of throwing items onto the playing surface, or the fan(s) who had ten too many of those ice cold frosty $15 dollar beers and decided to huck something onto the ice, pitch, court, diamond or gridiron. Enjoy.

#10 Grenade on basketball court during Israeli league game

I can’t explain this one, its criminal. Kudos to the security guard who lost two fingers to save a life. Maybe whoever threw it bet the under and saw where the game was going.

#9 Football terror: incendiaries thrown on the pitch.

I honestly can’t pick a single video out of what I guess you could call a “tradition.” These Europeans are absolutely FUCKED. Flares, firecrackers, bombs, grenades…. The beautiful game, what a sight to behold.

#8 Bills fans throw Dildo on the field vs Patriots

Bills Mafia baby. What a squad of degenerates. I had the pleasure to attend a game vs. New England last year and I can tell you it does not disappoint. These fan's don't expect to win, I don't even think they want to win. They just want to get as drunk as possible and hurl obscenities and objects at Tom Brady. Bills Mafia is #stillhere

#7 Barcelona fans throw pig head at Luis Figo during El Classico, 2002

This is a bit more unique then the flares and whatnot, so ill put it slightly higher up the list. El Classico has history. It wasn't just Ronaldo / Messi, the rivalry runs deep and fans are known for their violence at these games. Luis Figo is one of the few players to have played on both sides of the Classico. Once a Barcelona midfielder, he was sold to Madrid, and fans were not happy.

#6 Panthers 1996 Rat toss

Couch rats love and endorse the Florida Panthers 1996 rat toss. Allegedly, Before the Florida Panthers' home opener in 1995-96, Scott Mellanby killed a rat with his stick in the dressing room and then scored two goals. The fans kept this electricity going in their surprise playoff run.

#5 Cleveland Brown "Bottlegate" incident 2001 week 16

The trash heap city some call Cleveland decides to throw thousands of beer bottles at NFL referees after a questionable call sealed the game. Disgusting act. A classic.

#4 Blue Jays fans throw beer on the diamond ALDS G5 2015

The honorable and beautiful city of TORONTO decides to throw hundreds of beer Cans at the field (not at people) after a horrible call. Way to stick up for your team, best fans in the MLB. Unlike Cleveland the game wasn’t called and we all know what happened after that

#3 Hershey Bear toss

Amidst the horrible things we've seen on this list lets add something heartwarming. Every year the Hershey Bears, capitals AHL affiliate have a teddy bear toss night where thousands of stuffed animals are thrown on the ice following the first home goal. The animals are then given to local hospitals and charities. Classy.

#2 Crosby hat-trick on Hat Night

Who else but Sid the Kid. November 28th '09: 5 points 3 rips on hat night. He's automatic, like an iRobot robot that takes a bath in WD40, literally nothing but efficiency. Making hats rain like a category five hurricane.

#1 Octopus toss and Catfish toss, Detroit and Nashville

Now let me make this clear. Octopus 1a), Catfish 1b). The Octopus is a classic and was first introduced in the 1952 where 8 more wins were needed to win the cup, an octopus has 8 arms, hence why it was thrown on the ice. Now, the only reason they share a spot on this list is because the collective BAC in Nashville during playoff games is around 0.35% and I absolutely love what they got going at these tailgates. Smashing cars, country music, Titans offensive line crushing beers. Also, the octopus toss is apparently banned at new Red Wings barn, Little Caesars Arena, what a joke that is.

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